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Wooden Pallets

New Pallets

We can build pallets or skids in all sizes, lumber types, and designs.  

Common sizes and designs that we stock include:

  • 52x42

  • 52x45

  • 48x44 Automotive

  • 35x44 Automotve

  • 32X30 Automotive

  • and others


Reconditioned Pallets

Reconditioned pallets are reused pallets whose weakened boards have been replaced or reinforced with newer, stronger ones. Because they allow us to recycle old pallets, they reduce the need for new lumber and offer significant savings.  We maintain a wide selection of reconditioned pallets in our inventory, which allows for a faster turnaround time if you have a rush order.  Our most common sizes include:

  • 52x45

  • 52x42

  • 36x36

  • 48x45 Automotive

  • 32x30 Automotive

  • 35x44 Automotive

  • and more

Remanufactured Pallets

If we don't have reconditioned pallets in the sizes you need, remanufactured pallets (also called hybrid or combination pallets) are another budget- and environment-friendly option.  Because they are composed of pieces from deconstructed used pallets, they—like reconditioned pallets—offer monetary savings and diminish the need for new lumber.  

Custom-Designed Pallets

If none of the standard-sized pallets will suit your needs, we can custom build pallets that will.  As industry experts, we work with you to create exactly the right products so you don't end up paying for more pallet weight or material than you need.  We will work within your constraints in order to best protect your products, even if they are overweight or oversized.  That way, both your costs and your product damage will be reduced

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