Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are lighter and cheaper than their wood, plastic, or metal counterparts.  They offer impact resistance to cushion your products and durability to protect them. They are completely recyclable. We provide single-, double-, and triple-wall corrugated containers in standard and custom designs.


For your convenience, we can ship your corrugated products in any of three different ways: knocked down kit form; set-up & ready to use; and pre-assembled & collapsed.  The first option provides you with all of the products' components in their unassembled form, the most efficient use of shipping and storage space. Since these are unassembled, you save money on labor costs.  The second option--set-up and ready to use--means you don't have to devote space or personnel to assembly.  Pre-assembled & collapsed offers the space-saving benefits of kit form and the time-saving benefits of set-up.


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